Design of Gas Turbine State Data Acquisition Instrument Based on EEMD

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In order to carry out the condition monitoring tasks in working process of gas turbine, a multi-channels data acquisition instrument was designed based on high-speed AD and FPGA, which can collect temperature, rotational speed and vibration signals in real time. The data is transmitted to PC through USB interface, then PC uses EEMD to analysis the vibration data and LabVIEW software to process and display data. At the same time the instrument has both on-line data processing module and storage module, and it can analyze data offline in special working environment. The instrument is characterized by good communication ability with host computer and strong anti-interference ability, so it can provide reliable state data for fault detection and analysis of gas turbine, and it is feasible and practical to carry out data acquisition and condition monitoring in a complex environment.


Data acquisition Empirical mode decomposition Condition monitoring 


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