IoT-Enabled Agricultural System Applications, Challenges and Security Issues

  • Padmalaya NayakEmail author
  • Kayiram Kavitha
  • Ch. Mallikarjuna Rao
Part of the Studies in Big Data book series (SBD, volume 63)


The growing demand of Internet of Things (IoT) brings many more paradigms in several areas of applications such as smart city, smart village, smart energy management, smart agriculture, smart health care, etc. It aims at integrating the virtual world along with the physical world by using the Internet as communication medium. The IoT could be practically feasible with several existing technologies such as wireless sensor network (WSN), radio frequency identification (RFID), middleware technologies, cloud computing and end-user applications. The technologies associated with the IoTs have great impact on precision agriculture or smart farming as well as global economy. This chapter aims at agricultural applications where it utilises modern technologies that benefit the farmers with decision tools and reduces manual labouring cost. The seamless integration of products, knowledge and services through IoT maximises the volume of productivity, product quality and profit of business. Even though current surveys on the IoT in agriculture focuses on the challenges, constraints, benefits and pitfalls for large scale in the agricultural food sector, all are presented in isolation to each other. So, keeping all in these in mind, a brief discussion on challenges, benefits, constraints, future trends and security issues are presented in this book chapter.


IoT Smart farming IoT-enabled architecture 


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