The Impact of Irrigation on Agricultural Productivity in the Bolpur Sub Division, West Bengal

  • Subhasis MondalEmail author
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Bolpur Sub Division is located at the south-eastern part of the Birbhum district, West Bengal. This study area is intensively and extensively irrigated by means of Canal, Submersible pump, Tank, and River lift. By virtue of irrigation practice, the entire part of this Sub Division has been successfully brought under cultivation. Above all, the modern socioeconomic parameters comprehensively give rise to a higher degree of agricultural development, where irrigation plays the role of a catalyst. Due to the presence of irrigation, almost all the farms have more than 90% of their land as the NSA (net sown area). In the study area, monsoons are active only for 3–4 months in a year. The remaining 8–9 months are the dry season. The crops want irrigation for successful growth in the dry season. The ever increasing population leads to more intensive agriculture which needs more irrigation facilities, along with other inputs. Agricultural productivity of any region is closely associated with a number of physical (like relief, climate, soil, water, etc.), socioeconomic, political, institutional, and organizational factors of that region. A higher level application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, timely and adequate supply of irrigation, and higher level supervision help to have an upper level productivity of crops in the study area.


Irrigation Agricultural productivity 


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