IoT Foundations and Its Application

  • Srabanti ChakrabortyEmail author
  • Prasenjit Das
  • Souvik Pal
Part of the Studies in Big Data book series (SBD, volume 63)


In this age of computing technology, IoT is one of the tools that invokes a world where technology speaks. In this technical era, in our daily life, when it is impossible to think a single moment without a connection with any devices, then IoT is one of the greatest and powerful ways to bind all the devices together through a global connection for giving us a digitalized daily life. Nowadays, IoT has been flourished with its various applications by establishing a remote connection to monitor the real-world smart devices that can govern our daily uses objects to make our lives simpler, safer and technical. In this chapter, we will depict the significant roll of IoT and shows the reason that how IoT is becoming an integral part of our daily life through its applications in various domain.


IoT Smart cities RFID End-to-End connectivity Smart devices Interconnected smart world Wireless sensors 

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  • Prasenjit Das
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