Smart and Sustainable Agriculture Through IoT Interventions: Improvisation, Innovation and Implementation—An Exploratory Study

  • Arindam ChakrabartyEmail author
  • Tagiya Mudang
Part of the Studies in Big Data book series (SBD, volume 63)


From the dawn of civilization, the unending aspiration toward achieving excellence has been the paramount accelerator which is witnessed through different ages, i.e., Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, age of automation and information supremacy. The world is transforming into massive digital ecosystem. The comprehensive digital value system is being pioneered by developments in IT and ITES. Internet of things (IoT) is the culmination and assimilation of related instruments for sharing real-time data in a collaborative, harmonized and mutually exclusive manner to facilitate optimum decision-making process. In spite of technological advancement, the society survives on primary sector. So this is the high time to capitalize the threshold the technological knowledge into agriculture system so as to optimize resources, minimize losses and ensure achieving the spirit of sustainability. It is also interesting to see how the most advanced technology can be synergized in primitive farming techniques. The European and Latin American countries have been using IoT in agriculture in varied modes, dimensions and levels. These can be exemplified by glimpse of application like farming based on weather projection, real-life count of agriculture produces, real-life estimation for loss due to perishability or expiry, irrigation issues, controlling of infrastructure support for farming activities from distant location, census of cattle, etc. In fact, the concept of IoT is in still nascent stage in India. There are vast opportunities of IoT application in the country since India is primarily an agrarian society and around 60% population are engaged in this profession which contributes around 17% of share in GDP and feeding the elephantine population of the country. This paper would study various sparks of IoT system, its versatile application worldwide and possible intervention in India particularly in agricultural activities. The paper would explore innovative modeling for IoT integration in agriculture system and its ease of implementation globally with emphasizing on Indian subcontinent.


IoT Sustainability agriculture Innovation Technological advancement 


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  2. 2.Department of Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS)North Eastern Regional Institute of Science & Technology (NERIST)NirjuliIndia

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