Key Concepts in Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Li ZhaoguoEmail author
  • Wu Qing
  • Xing Yurui


This book covers the very basic terms related to essence, qi, yin-yang theory, five elements, and visceral manifestation in traditional Chinese medicine, providing simplified Chinese characters, Mandarin pronunciation in pinyin, definitions, and citations of 111 key concepts in traditional Chinese medicine and culture. A variety of English versions of each term or concept over a period of 40 years is offered before a standard English version is proposed upon an examination of the connation of the Chinese term and English vocabulary, making it possible for the readers to become aware of the translation history of traditional Chinese medicine. Readers who are familiar with or keen on learning traditional Chinese medicine to communicate across cultures can have a source for either speaking or writing these terms. Being bilingual, this book can be a helpful resource to understand the fundamental terms of traditional Chinese medicine and culture in Chinese and English.


Traditional Chinese medicine Term/terminology Chinese culture and thought 

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