The Twentieth CPSU Congress and the Eighth CCP Congress, 1956

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This chapter discusses the impact of the Twentieth Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) on Sino-Soviet relations. The Twentieth Congress raised the Stalin issue, which prompted a series of deep questions regarding the socialist road and development, and had a latent impact on the evolution of Sino-Soviet relations. According to available records, Mao differed little from Khrushchev on the Stalin issue. This chapter argues that the Twentieth Congress had no negative impact on Sino-Soviet relations. Subsequent developments show that the Sino-Soviet relationship became closer and without signs of serious divergence in the wake of the Twentieth Congress. But public “self-criticism” of the CPSU and the unveiling of Stalin’s mistakes lowered the CPSU’s prestige and shook its leadership role in the socialist camp.

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