Congenital Optic Disc PIT

  • Mayara Fernanda Pacovska
  • Eduardo Tomazoni
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The first description of congenital optic disc PIT (ODP) was in 1882 by Wiethe who notes a dark depression in both optic discs of a 62-year-old woman (Wiethe 1882). There is no difference between gender, 85% of the patients have unilateral commitment, and the estimated incidence is 1 in 11,000 eyes (Brown et al. 1980; Kelkar et al. 2012). The main complication is maculopathy which occurs in 25–75% of patients presenting with poor visual acuity and macular detachment detected with fundus exam and OCT (Georgalas et al. 2010). In those cases, the treatment is with pars plana vitrectomy associated with laser photocoagulation in the margin of OPD, which generally is the first approach (Karanjia et al. 2018).


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