Cancer Therapy-Associated Retinopathy

  • Valeska Aparecida Riguette Costa
  • Eduardo Tomazoni
  • Eduardo Büchele Rodrigues
Part of the Retina Atlas book series (RA)


There are two types of cancer therapy-associated retinopathy: associated with radiation or caused by drugs. Treatment in most cases involves suspension or substitution of the drug and depends on the type of the cancer and how advanced it is.


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  • Valeska Aparecida Riguette Costa
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  • Eduardo Tomazoni
    • 1
  • Eduardo Büchele Rodrigues
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  1. 1.Ophthalmology, Retina FellowshipVisum RetinaFlorianópolisBrazil
  2. 2.Department of Ophthalmology and Visual SciencesFederal University of São PauloSão PauloBrazil
  3. 3.Department of OphthalmologySaint Louis University School of MedicineSaint LouisUSA

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