Monitoring Quality of Tap Water in Cities Using IoT

  • Asis Kumar Tripathy
  • Tapan Kumar DasEmail author
  • Chiranji Lal Chowdhary
Conference paper
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During the past decade, water requirement has increased many folds in India. However, it has turned out to be a major challenge for the world in matching the increasing demand for water supply. In other hands, water resource has been continuously polluting due to apathetic usage of water, natural and man-made calamity, global warming, sewages, and garbage. Optimal utility of this resource and above all its preservation is the only way to safeguard future life as it is well known that water is life. In this paper, we present a framework based on Internet of Things (IoT) for water monitoring and control activity, which supports Internet-based data collection on a real-time basis. The system addresses the issue of flow rate measuring and in the same time, this study proposes a method to check wastage of water. It has the provision to measure the quality of water dispensed to every household by deploying PH and conductivity sensors.


IoT PH sensor Wi-Fi Conductivity sensor Water quality 


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