The Effect of Alccofine on Blended Concrete Under Compression

  • A. Narender ReddyEmail author
  • T. Meena
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Nowadays cement had become the most extensively used construction material worldwide. The global demand of cement had reached about 5.2 billion metric tons. These lead to huge consumption of raw material and in production of cement huge amount of greenhouse gases like CO2 was released, about 5% of total man-made CO2 emission is through cement manufacture industry. To safeguard the environment, efforts are being made to recycle different industrial by-products and utilize them in value-added applications. The use of industrial wastes, which are pozzolanic in nature, can minimize the use of cement. Fly ash (FA) and slag (GGBS) are the most common pozzolan and are being used worldwide in concrete works. Recently, some researchers notified that a new by-product from iron ore industry, namely Alccofine, also processes pozzolanic nature. The objective of the present investigation is to evaluate the effect of Alccofine with fly ash and Alccofine with ground-granulated blast furnace as the supplementary cementitious material with reference to the compressive strength property of hardened concrete and to probe the optimal replacement level of cement with combination of fly ash with Alccofine and ground-granulated blast furnace with Alccofine.


Alccofine Fly ash Ground-granulated blast furnace Blended concrete 


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  1. 1.Department of Structural and Geo-Technical Engineering, School of Civil Engineering (SCE)Vellore Institute of TechnologyVelloreIndia

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