Zhejiang’s Cultural Development: Experience and Achievements

  • Xiaoming Zhang
  • Ming Hui
Part of the Research Series on the Chinese Dream and China’s Development Path book series (RSCDCDP)


Zhejiang is an economically large province and one of the forerunners of reform and opening-up in China. Since the reform and opening-up, with the advantage of a unique location and the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of making unceasing improvements and blazing new trails, Zhejiang has rapidly grown from an ecologically weak province into one of the most developed provinces in China, and it has stayed ahead nationwide in the economic, political, cultural, social, ecological and other fields.


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  • Xiaoming Zhang
    • 1
  • Ming Hui
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  1. 1.The Chinese Academy of Social SciencesBeijingPeople’s Republic of China

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