Private Sector Startups and Solid Waste Management in India: Their Emerging Role in Unburdening the Burden of Formal and Informal Workforce

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As the production of waste in India is set to increase from 62 to 162 million ton by 2030, the need for an integrated approach toward solid waste management becomes inevitable. Under these circumstances, the role private sector startups play in providing a feasible alternative for waste management and in mainstreaming the informal sector involved holds its relevance. The objective of this research paper is to study the emerging role of private sector startups in proper management and handling of solid waste in India. This paper also attempts to understand the role of startups in empowering the informal recyclers and providing them opportunities to participate and work together with the formal sector. The research design of this study will be exploratory in nature. This study relies mostly on secondary available data gathered from several sources such as reports, journals, books, and articles.


Solid waste Startup Formal informal workforce 


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