Experimental Study on Lateral Compaction Characteristics of Filled Gangue Under Limited Roof Condition

  • Xin-wang Li
  • Xin-yuan Zhao
  • Li Li
  • Jian-gong Liu
  • Li-chao ChengEmail author
  • Yi-ling Qin
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 980)


Based on the principle of similar simulation, through laterally pushing on the gangue bulk, the influence of discharge step distance, pushing force, water content and loess content on the compaction characteristics of the filled gangue under the limited roof was analyzed. Experimental results show that the increase of discharge step distance is not conducive to the consolidation of gangue; Pushing force increases contributing to the consolidation of gangue, pushing force 1.25 KN is the inflection point for the increasing of rest angle and the slowing of volume change rate; The water content has a significant effect on the consolidation characteristics of the gangue under lateral pushing. Loess content has the most significant effect on consolidation of gangue bulk under the lateral pushing.


Filling mining Gangue bulk Lateral pushing force Rest angle Volume change rate 



This work was financially supported by Fund Project: Hebei Province Key Research and Development plan project (18273815D); Hebei Province Higher Education Science and Technology Research Project (QN2017031).


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  • Li Li
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  • Jian-gong Liu
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  2. 2.Coal Resources Development and Construction Application Technology Research Center of Universities in Hebei ProvinceHebei University of EngineeringHandanChina
  3. 3.College of Civil EngineeringHebei University of EngineeringHandanChina

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