The Regionalization of Eco-Geological Environment System and Brief Function Evaluation of Luoyang City

  • Liu YangEmail author
  • Jian-yu Zhang
  • Chang-li Liu
  • Li-xin Pei
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The construction of ecological civilization is a key way for sustainable development in the process of new urbanization in China. The functional regionalization and evaluation of urban eco-geological environment system is the primary premise and important foundation for the urban ecological civilization construction which provides geoscientific basis for scientific planning, construction of major projects and urban sustainable development. Taking Luoyang city as an example, this paper classifies and describes the eco-geological environment system of Luoyang from the perspectives of ecology and environmental geology in combined with the geological structure characteristics of Luoyang city, and carris out the regionalization and brief function evaluation of the eco-geological environment system. Finally, the countermeasures and suggestions for protecting different eco-geological environment systems in Luoyang City are put forward.


Eco-geological environment system Regionalization characteristics Function evaluation Protection countermeasures Ecological civilization 



This paper is sponsored by environmental geological survey in 1:50000 of the northern town planning area in Zhongyuan Urban agglomeration (Project Code: DD20160244).


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  • Liu Yang
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  • Jian-yu Zhang
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  • Chang-li Liu
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  • Li-xin Pei
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  1. 1.China University of Mining and Technology, BeijingBeijingChina
  2. 2.Institute of Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology, CAGSShijiazhuangChina

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