Review on Dental Implant with Special Reference to Tooth Abutment Implant

  • Shailja Awasthi
  • Vinay Pratap SinghEmail author
  • S. K. S. Yadav
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In human beings, tooth loss is a common problem which may be due to various diseases and trauma. Dental implants are used to provide support for replacement of missing teeth. At the present time, research is focused on implant design, materials, and techniques for fabrication of the dental implant. There is still a lot of work involved in the use of better material, implant design, surface modification, and functionalization of surfaces to improve the long-term benefits of implant treatment. This paper provides a brief history of dental implant and its classification, success, and failure rate of a dental implant, parameters such as length, diameter, geometry, and thread used for the current tooth abutment implant. It also discusses the various complexities associated with the dental implant such as complex design and machining of the screw, its cost, failure due to the motion of implant in the transverse direction, idea to remove complexities, and current technologies.


Tooth Dental implant Endosteal root form 


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