An Improved Robust Kalman Filter for Real-Time Detection of Cycle Slips in the Single-Frequency Carrier Phase Measurements Validated with BDS Data

  • Ye TianEmail author
  • Yizhe Jia
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The detection of cycle slips and outliers in single-frequency carrier phase data, or any other type of un-expected changes in the single-frequency carrier phase measurements of the GNSS, is one of the major data preprocessing problems that needs to be addressed, especially single-frequency receivers account for most of the market share and GNSS carrier phase data are used for real-time applications that require reliable position results. In this contribution the improved RKF (Robust Kalman Filter) is designed to detect cycle slips or unexpected changes when single-frequency carrier phase is interfered by small outliers, in order to improve the cycle slip detection success rates. Real BDS single-frequency data have been used to test and evaluate the algorithm, where the simulation results indicate that the improved RKF has a higher cycle slip detection success rate than the RKF when observations are interfered by small outliers, proving the efficiency of the algorithm proposed in this paper.


Improved RKF Cycle slip detection Small outlier BDS 


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