River Discharge

  • Tetsuya HiyamaEmail author
  • Shigemi Hatta
  • Hotaek Park
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 236)


Reductions in the extent of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean and snow cover in the pan-Arctic watershed will enhance the hydrological cycle in the northern high latitudes. The Lena River basin in eastern Siberia is one of the largest pan-Arctic river basins of the Eurasian continent, contributing around 15% of the total freshwater inflow into the Arctic Ocean. In this chapter, we provide an overview of the geographical scope of the Lena River basin and the seasonal changes and long-term trends in its discharge. Recent progress in hydrological modeling has targeted the discharge of the Lena River, but other pan-Arctic rivers are also described, including perspectives on river ice, permafrost, and groundwater. Additionally, we describe projections of future river discharge to mitigate the effects of river floods and/or climate change-induced river disasters. Finally, river water chemistry and past and ongoing activities related to the monitoring of river water chemistry in the pan-Arctic rivers are overviewed.


Arctic Ocean Groundwater Pan-Arctic Permafrost Hydrological modeling Water chemistry 


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