Design of Y-Shaped Immensely Wideband Printed Monopole Antenna with Three Notched Bands

  • H. S. MewaraEmail author
  • J. K. Deegwal
  • M. M. Sharma
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 546)


A Y-shaped design comprising of three band notches and immensely wideband antenna is proposed. The basic antenna having double bevel cut providing Y-shape to patch and bevel cut on upper side of ground plane with step cut at centre upper position of ground plane results in immensely wide operating band 2.8–23.8 GHz for |S11| < −10 dB. One stop band results from a pair of C-shaped slot on ground plane for WiMAX (3.3–3.6 GHz) band while the other two stop bands are obtained by inverted U-shaped slot for WLAN (5.15–5.825 GHz) band and C-shaped slot for X-band downlink communication frequency (7.25–7.75 GHz) on patch for |S11| > −10 dB. Surface current distributions at centre notch frequencies verify triple band function. The proposed antenna demonstrated dipole-like and nearly omnidirectional radiation pattern in YZ-plane and XZ-plane, respectively.


Ultra-wideband antenna Microstrip feed WiMAX notch WLAN notch Downlink of X-band satellite communication system 


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  1. 1.Government Engineering College AjmerAjmerIndia
  2. 2.Malaviya National Institute of TechnologyJaipurIndia

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