ADHYAYAN—An Innovative Interest Finder and Career Guidance Application

  • Akshay TalkeEmail author
  • Virendra Patil
  • Sanyam Raj
  • Rohit Kr. Singh
  • Ameya Jawalgekar
  • Anand Bhosale
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 906)


ADHYAYAN is an innovative mobile application which determines a user’s interest in a particular domain and nurtures them effectively so that they can pursue career in the field which they are interested in. The system takes into account social media posts, results of a test and application activity to find out the interest of users in different fields and then assists, guides and evaluates them continuously to improve their skills in these fields. ADHYAYAN is a three-tier system which consists of a front-end, middle layer, and back-end. Front-end is an Android application which provides personalized GUI for each user. Middle layer is Firebase, while back-end is a server hosted on ‘Google Cloud Platform’. An algorithm has been developed for ADHYAYAN which calculates the ratio of user’s interest in different domains and eventually feeds are generated in the same ratio on user’s profile. To cater the increasing need of skilled employees in different fields and promote interest-based learning, ADHYAYAN has been proposed to overcome various limitations and drawbacks of existing solutions.


Unemployability Social media Continuous evaluation Test Feeds Profile Skills Career Short term profile Long term profile Personalized Real-time 


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