Smart Agricultural Monitoring System Using Internet of Things

  • H. V. AshaEmail author
  • K. Kavya
  • S. Keerthana
  • G. Kruthika
  • R. Pavithra
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 906)


India is one of the largest agricultural countries with a population of 1.3 billion. Farming in India is labor intensive and absolute. 70% of India’s residents are dependent on farming, and one-third of nations’ funds come from agriculture. Even after decades of cultivation practice, it is lagging behind in maximizing the yield thereby hampering the progress of the nation. In order to overcome this, there is a need for promoting cultivation practice for high yield of crops. With the availability of IT and internet, Internet of Things is proliferating at an unprecedented rate. The perception of agricultural IoT (Internet of things) utilizes networking equipment in farming construction. The hardware part of this project includes processors with data processing capability and sensors which are used to measure various parameters like temperature, humidity, and water level. In this paper, the sensor node is designed to monitor the environmental conditions that are vital for the proper growth of crops. The collected data received are analyzed for proper monitoring and improving the yield of the crop. The result depicts the data being stored and retrieved on Agri Cloud ( [1]).


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  • K. Kavya
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  • S. Keerthana
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  • G. Kruthika
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