Comprehensive Survey on Hadoop Security

  • Maria MartisEmail author
  • Namratha V. Pai
  • R. S. Pragathi
  • S. Rakshatha
  • Sunanda Dixit
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 906)


The new emerging technologies have provided a way for a large amount of data generation. Secure storage of such a huge data is of prime importance. Hadoop is a tool used to store big data, where security of it is not assured. In this paper, we have considered a survey on various approaches which helps in providing secure storage of files in Hadoop. Hadoop framework is developed for the support of processing and storage of Bigdata in a distributed computing environment. Usage of Bigdata has become a key factor for the companies as they can increase their operating margin. Bigdata contains user-sensitive information and bring forth many privacy issues. Bigdata is a larger and a more complex datasets obtained from a variety of network resources. These datasets are beyond the ability of traditionally used data processing software to capture, manage, and process the data within the given time frame. These massive volumes of data are used by many of the organizations to tackle the problem that could not be done before. Since the data holds a lot of valuable information, these data need to be processed in short span of time by which companies can boost their scale and generate more revenue, traditional system resources are not sufficient for processing and storing, and this is where Hadoop comes into picture. The main objective of Hadoop is running of application of bigdata. Hadoop being a great tool for data processing, it was initially designed for internal use (i.e., within local cluster) without any security perimeter of organization, so they were easily hackable and exposed to threats.


Hadoop Data security Big data Authentication Authorization 


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  • R. S. Pragathi
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  • S. Rakshatha
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  • Sunanda Dixit
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