“College Explorer” An Authentication Guaranteed Information Display and Management System

  • Sonali MajumdarEmail author
  • K. M. Monika Patel
  • Arushi Gupta
  • M. N. Thippeswamy
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 906)


The confusion and dilemma that arises out of the unorganized plethora of information on the Internet can never help school pass outs to reach any conclusion of which college to join for higher studies. Apart from college information, internal environment and feedback from students currently studying in the college is essential part to know about an institution and its administration. This paper stresses about the need for a Web application like college explorer through the novel contributions, system model, and advantages of the Web application developed. It enables the general public to view information such as placement details, admission details, course details, etc., about the colleges. In addition, the features like class notes sharing, notice publication (separate for students as well as for faculties of respective departments of the college), application of leave facility for both faculties as well as students are developed to manage the leave application even in emergency cases for smooth internal administration. The results confirm that Web applications have the potential to address various problem statements stated using Web technology efficiently.


Web technology Web application authentication Information system JDBC MVC architecture JSP Servlets 


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  • K. M. Monika Patel
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  • Arushi Gupta
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  • M. N. Thippeswamy
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