Heuristic Driven Genetic Algorithm for Priority Assignment of Real-Time Communications in NoC

  • Ajay KhareEmail author
  • Chinmay PatilEmail author
  • Manikanta Nallamalli
  • Santanu Chattopadhyay
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 892)


Network-on-chip (NoC) is a paradigm shift for communication of cores in Multi-Processor System. Task mapping and priority assignment of communications is one of the critical aspects in Real-Time NoC design. Fixed priority pre-emptive arbitration is most widely used in worm-hole switched NoCs. Flow priorities, used in this arbitration, determine the network latency and are therefore crucial in guaranteeing deadline satisfaction of real-time communications. Earlier work presented in literature for flow priority assignment uses a heuristic based exhaustive search algorithm (HSA). HSA is faster but non optimal, in terms of number of priority assignments explored. Two graph-based priority assignment techniques, the GESA and the GHSA which improved on HSA also have been explored. These techniques reduce search space significantly by exploiting the interference dependencies of flows in the NoC. In this paper a search based exploratory solution to the flow priority assignment problem is proposed with a Genetic Algorithm (GA) whose evolution is guided by experimentally determined heuristics. It is compared with existing techniques and is found to give a better or equal solution in lesser computation time in most of the cases. Execution time of tasks is also considered while assigning flow priorities to make the algorithm practically applicable to real-time systems.


Real-time Network-on-chip Priority assignment Schedulability Heuristics Genetic Algorithm 


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