Effect of Sc Modification and Pulping Process on Semi-Solid Structure of A356 Aluminum Alloy

  • Yuxin ZhangEmail author
  • Hengbin Liao
  • Yong Dong
  • Anfu Chen
  • Xiaoling Fu
  • Zhengrong Zhang
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In this paper, A356 aluminum alloy was used as the research object, and the traditional mixing method was used to explore the parameters of stirring pulping process and the effect of Sc metamorphism on semi-solid slurry during continuous cooling. The experimental results showed that with the increase of shear rate, more broken dendrites were obtained, resulting in smaller equivalent diameter of grain size and higher shape factor (roundness) of semi-solid slurry. In this experiment, the best effect was obtained while the shear rate was 70 s−1. For the initial stirring temperature, stirring was started at 630 °C and decreased to the optimal temperature 595 °C at which the slurry was obtained. Besides, the temperature-dropping velocity had a significant effect on the slurry quality. When the decrease of temperature (the best effect at 1.94 °C/min) was slower and the shear time was more fully, the dendrite precipitation grew slower. Therefore, the dendrites that had just crystallized out had been sheared and broken in the future, resulting in a near-spherical shape. When the number of crystal grains (nucleation nuclei) was larger, the crystal grain equivalent diameter of the slurry was smaller and the shape factor was larger. In terms of the semi-solid slurry A356 containing Sc element, it was found that the grain size was smaller and the degree of roundness was higher.


A356 aluminum alloy Semi-solid Sc modification Microstructure Pulping process parameters 


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  • Hengbin Liao
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  • Yong Dong
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  • Anfu Chen
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  • Xiaoling Fu
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  • Zhengrong Zhang
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