Research on SINs Topology Evolution Mechanism: Considering Local-World

  • Shaobo Yu
  • Lingda WuEmail author
  • Xiangli Meng
  • Xitao Zhang
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 972)


As an infrastructure of national strategy, the space information networks (SINs) is an important platform for information support. We analyze the demand for studying dynamic topology evolution of SINs, and we analyze the local-world phenomenon of SINs. Meanwhile, we propose the dynamic topology model, and based on its evolution characteristics, we propose dynamic evolution algorithm of SINs. Simulation results show that it has similar topology performance with real networks, and it verify the validity and feasibility of the proposed evolution mechanism. Finally, we summarize the content of this article, and prospect the future development.


Space information networks Topology Mechanism Local-world 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Shaobo Yu
    • 1
  • Lingda Wu
    • 1
    Email author
  • Xiangli Meng
    • 1
  • Xitao Zhang
    • 1
  1. 1.Space Engineering UniversityBeijingChina

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