Beam Shaping via Microscopic Meta-surface-wave

  • Xiangang LuoEmail author


In previous chapter, we discussed the theory, design principle, and application of phase modulation based on plasmonic nanoslits, nanoholes, and other nanoapertures. The coupling of SPPs at the interfaces forms catenary plasmons featured by catenary-liked intensity profile. This can be understood from two aspects: first, the analytic mathematical description of plasmonic modes in metal–insulator–metal layered waveguide takes the form of hyperbolic cosine and sine functions; second, the summation of evanescent tails of waveguide modes would form a catenary. In this chapter, we show a generalized concept of catenary optical fields. The interference fields of two subwavelength scatters would follow a catenary shape. For instance, the two sides of a subwavelength slit perforated in a thin metallic screen could generate strong localized fields featured by a catenary function. This effect can be also observed in periodic slits, i.e., 1D grating. Interestingly, the equivalent impedance of such grating is described by the catenary of equal strength, which is termed catenary dispersion. Based on these properties, we proposed the concept of microscopic meta-surface-wave, which forms one important basis to discuss the light–matter interaction in subwavelength structures.


Meta-surface-wave Wavefront shaping Beam steering Cloak Virtual shaping 


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