Catenary Plasmons for Flat Lensing, Beam Deflecting, and Shaping

  • Xiangang LuoEmail author


As discussed in the Chap.  4, surface plasmons are collective excitations of free electrons and photons. The electric force line of surface plasmons at a metal–dielectric surface follows the function defined by a catenary of equal strength. When surface plasmons in adjacent interfaces are coupled together, the evanescent tails would lead to catenary optical fields described by hyperbolic cosine and sine functions. These catenary optical fields help to increase the focal depth of surface plasmon imaging and nanolithography. Here, we show that another unique property of the plasmonic catenary fields can be used to locally modulate the phase retardation. Based on the Young’s double slits interference with unequal widths, the plasmonic propagating phase shift is revealed, and various functional flat plasmonic devices are designed and experimentally demonstrated. Since the gradient phase shift could introduce an additional horizontal wavevector, the classic Snell’s law has also been generalized. Besides propagating phase shift, this chapter also describes the geometric phase induced by the rotated plasmonic nanoslits. Owing to the anisotropic field distribution and dispersion described by two catenary functions, the transmission of both metallic grating and rectangular nanoapertures depend on the polarization of incident light. Consequently, under circularly polarized illumination (with a spin angular momentum of \(\pm \hbar\) for each photon), a space-variant surface structure would generate a polarization-dependent phase retardation. This geometric phase has been investigated to realize both flat lens and spin-controlled beam shaping.


Catenary plasmon Flat lens Extraordinary Young’s interference Structural color Holography 


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