Spin-Controlled Beam Shaping with Catenary Subwavelength Structures

  • Xiangang LuoEmail author


In this chapter, we describe the photonic spin–orbit coupling in catenary-shaped subwavelength structures. First of all, the basic theories of geometric phase, spin-momentum locking are used to introduce the catenary of equal strength, which could generate a phase profile with equal phase gradient. Then, a general mathematical approach is provided to design various continuous structures deformed from the catenary function. These structures are used to realize broadband photonic spin Hall effect, flat lenses, orbital angular momentum, Bessel and Airy beam generators. The intrinsic limitation on the efficiency of a single-layer catenary metasurface is discussed. To realize high-efficiency functional spin-controlled beam shaping, the reflective and all-dielectric configurations have been presented. Finally, it is shown that the coherent control originally utilized in lasers and absorbers could be leveraged to dynamically control the output intensity.


Spin Hall effect Geometric phase Optical vortex Flat lens Dielectric metasurface 


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