Transanal Endorectal Pull-Through for Hirschsprung’s Disease in the Neonate and Early Infant

  • Kosaku Maeda


The transanal endorectal pull-through emerged in the late 1990s has drastically changed the treatment of Hirschsprung’s disease. This operation provides the advantages of a minimal invasive approach with shorter hospital stay, shorter time to full feeding, less pain, and improved cosmesis with excellent outcomes. This chapter ascertains the feasibility and safety of totally transanal pull-through in the neonatal period with organized approach to the common problem of obstructive symptoms after the transanal pull-through.


Hirschsprung’s disease Soave Transanal pull-through One-stage repair 


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  1. 1.Department of Pediatric SurgeryKobe Children’s HospitalKobeJapan

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