Reviewing the Past, Striving in the Present and Moving Towards a Future-Ready Mathematics Education

  • Tin Lam TohEmail author
  • Berinderjeet Kaur
  • Eng Guan Tay
Part of the Mathematics Education – An Asian Perspective book series (MATHEDUCASPER)


This book serves the purpose of discussing the state of mathematics education in Singapore at the time it is written, and an update of a previous edition of the book on Singapore mathematics education published about a decade ago. This chapter identifies the central message that runs across the chapters in this book: Singapore is striving for excellence in mathematics education while addressing her imperfections; Singapore is also learning from good practices of other countries and at the same time bases her practices on sound educational theory. In addition, Singapore places great emphasis on teacher professional development. Further, this chapter discusses the future trends of mathematics education in Singapore: an increasing emphasis on big ideas, big data and computational thinking.


Mathematics education Big ideas Big data Computational thinking Early childhood STEM 


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