Graphs Under Neutrosophic Hybrid Models

  • Muhammad AkramEmail author
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Rough sets and single-valued neutrosophic sets are mathematical models to deal with incomplete and vague information. These two models can be combined into two frameworks for modelling and processing incomplete information in information systems. Thus, single-valued neutrosophic rough set model and rough single-valued neutrosophic set model are hybrid models, which give more precision, flexibility and compatibility to the system as compared to the classic and fuzzy models. In this chapter, we present rough single-valued neutrosophic digraphs (rough neutrosophic digraphs, for short) and neutrosophic rough digraphs and describe methods of their construction. We consider the concept of self-complementary rough neutrosophic digraphs. We discuss regular neutrosophic rough digraphs. We also give a comparative analysis of rough neutrosophic digraphs and neutrosophic rough digraphs.

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