Sixty Years of Sino-Latin American Relations: Review and Reflection

  • Bingwen Zheng
  • Hongbo Sun
  • Yunxia YueEmail author
Part of the Research Series on the Chinese Dream and China’s Development Path book series (RSCDCDP)


Sino-Latin American relations, which used to develop in an incremental and stable manner, have been developing in great leaps, following a comprehensive, multi-level and multi-channel development model which includes both governments and non-governmental sectors. This book upholds such a development model as the basis for Sino-Latin American relations since the PRC was established 60 years ago. Latin America will play an irreplaceable role in China’s future economic development, making urgent the strategic analysis of economic matters in Sino-Latin American relations. This is also in line with the principles proposed by General Secretary Hu Jintao concerning the close relation of diplomatic work with national development. Hu Jintao said that we should rely on, serve and promote development so as to safeguard national interests in the pursuit of an open-door policy. The Taiwan issue is still considered one of China’s key interests in Latin America, but as it is complex and cannot be solved in the short term, it has gradually become a matter of conventional interest. At the same time, development interests are becoming increasingly important in bilateral relations. Latin America is China’s major supplier of industrial materials, and is gradually becoming an alternative source for energy and a strategic place for the overseas operations of Chinese companies. Latin America prioritizes economic and trade cooperation with China and deems China a strategic partner for the diversification of foreign economic and trade relations. Therefore, these development interests are in line with the bilateral logic that constitutes the common strategy between China and Latin America, thus laying a solid foundation for their common development.


Incremental and leap-forward development model for Sino-Latin American relations Development interests in economic and trade cooperation 


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