Agricultural Monitoring and Controlling System Using Wireless Sensor Network

  • Karthik ChunduriEmail author
  • R. Menaka
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 898)


In recent years, the automation in agricultural has become a significant issue. The parameters like soil pH, soil moisture, light intensity, temperature, and humidity play a crucial role to increase the productivity of the crops. The continuous monitoring of these environmental and soil parameters helps in taking profitable decisions. For effective utilization of resources like irrigation water and fertilizers, sprinkling of water can be done according to the soil moisture levels in the soil and spraying of the fertilizers can be done according to the soil pH value. Health monitoring of the plants is crucial for sustainable agriculture. Camera module is used to acquire the images of the plants, and image processing techniques can be applied on the acquired images for pest’s detection and disease detection. The system gathers the camera data and sensor data and analyzes continuously in a feedback loop which actuates the control devices according to the threshold values.


Agricultural automation Disease detection Computer vision for automation Precision agriculture Wireless sensor network Whiteflies detection Image processing Segmentation Feature extraction Leaf segmentation IoT Raspberry Pi 


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