Factors Affecting the Adoption of Cloud Computing Among SMEs in Mauritius

  • V. DomunEmail author
  • H. Bheemul
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 862)


In order to sustain, SMEs need to make use of technology to ease their work thus being more productive. As per the government of Mauritius through the “Achieving the second Economic Miracle and vision 2030”, Cloud Computing is what we need. Cloud Computing allows many SMEs to expand and to be on the move in Mauritius, thus having operational expenditure rather than Capital expenditure. SMEDA propose its services for SMEs in Mauritius as well the NPCC. This research paper talks about the current situation concerning the adoption of cloud computing and the challenges we are facing to get SMEs to start using this technology. The most top rank issues are privacy and security. This research also proposes a number of recommendations to support SMEs in their journey of cloud adoption in Mauritius.


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  2. 2.Train 2 Gain GroupKingston Upon Thames, LondonUK

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