Secured Key Management with Trusted Certificate Revocation in MANET

  • Manikandan NarayananEmail author
  • Anusha Kannan
  • Senthilkumaran Ulaganathan
  • Monesh Reddiar
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MANET is an infrastructure-less network as the topology can change instantly. The nodes are connected wirelessly and are dependent on each other. Due to the existence of many devices that can receive and transmit signals, the use of MANET has increased and the possibility of an attack is high. In MANET, addition of node is done irrespective of the situation; for the node to communicate with another node there has to be a secure and trusted way. Trust is an opinion of a node on another node in a network, it is represented in numerical form. Trust is calculated depending on the previous interaction between two nodes. Trust is used to identify malicious node and revoke its certificate. This paper presents various ways to calculate trust and the methods that can take place in a MANET to revoke a certificate.


MANET Certificate revocation Trust management Trust calculation MANET security 


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