Review on Big Data and Its Impact on Business Intelligence

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  • L. D. Dhinesh Babu
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Over the last 10 years most of the organizations use Big Data to improve their standards with respect to quality and cost. Big Data is a broad and mosaic set of unstructured and structured data which sizes over exabytes ≈ 1016. A significant amount of digital data is created when the organizations convert their data from analog to digital. The data keeps on increasing and petabytes of information are generated every year, which leads to complexity in handling data. A major issue in Big Data is volume apart from the other six issues. There are many dynamic design challenges which lead to no comprehensive design strategy for Big Data. Many open sources and commercial data analysis tools are developed and are significant. Investments on Big Data have a steep hike year by year, which is a good sign in the perspective of business intelligence and decision-making capabilities of the organizations.


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