Development of Small-Scale Thermoelectric Power Generators Using Different Micro-combustor Configurations for Standalone Power Applications

  • B. AravindEmail author
  • Sudarshan Kumar
Part of the Energy, Environment, and Sustainability book series (ENENSU)


In the present study, few highly efficient micro-combustors suitable for thermoelectric power generation are fabricated. The micro-combustors consist of multiple backward facing steps and a heat recirculating cup for proper flame stabilisation. A detailed experimental investigation on the thermal performance of the micro-combustors was carried out initially and thermoelectric generators were integrated to the bare surfaces of the combustor along with the cooling jackets for the power generation. The power output of 3.89 W with a conversion efficiency of 4.03%, the power output of 3.2 W with a conversion efficiency of 3.39% and power output of 4.5 W with a conversion efficiency of 4.66% are achieved for planar, triangular, and dual micro-combustor based power generators respectively. These results represent an improvement in portable-scale electrical power production from hydrocarbon fuels state of the art. Moreover, the power characteristics ensure the use of a proposed small-scale power generator for various aerospace and defence applications as a portable power source.


Thermoelectric generator Micro-combustor Flame stability Conversion efficiency 


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