Parametric Evaluation of Leachate Generated from a Non-engineered Landfill Site and Its Contamination Potential of Surrounding Soil and Water Bodies

  • Rajiv GangulyEmail author
  • Deepika Sharma
  • Anchal Sharma
  • Ashok Kumar Gupta
  • B. R. Gurjar
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Open dumping of municipal solid waste causes environmental degradation including air, soil and groundwater pollution leading to adverse impact on public health. The present study provides the physico-chemical characterization of groundwater, leachate and surface water being affected by the percolation of leachate into aquifers in the study region Solan, Himachal Pradesh. Testing was carried out in two seasons (monsoon season and winter season) to study the effect of leachate contamination on the groundwater. The physico-chemical characterization of groundwater study observed the pH value of groundwater 7.41 in monsoon season and 8.2 in winter season that varied from slightly neutral to alkaline. The total dissolved solids were observed 242 mg/L in monsoon season and 250 mg/L in winter season. The value of sulfate was evaluated as 63 mg/L in monsoon season and 68 mg/L in winter season whereas nitrate, ammoniacal nitrogen, biological oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand has been found below the detection level. However, the biological oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand of surface water was found 6.2 and 20 mg/L in monsoon season whereas 6.0 and 22 mg/L in winter season, respectively. The national foundation sanitation method was applied to determine the water quality index in Solan region. It revealed the poor quality of water due to the open dumping, and thus percolation of leachate into the groundwater.


Groundwater Heavy metal Leachate Water quality index Soil contamination 


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  • Deepika Sharma
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  • Anchal Sharma
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  • Ashok Kumar Gupta
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  • B. R. Gurjar
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  1. 1.Department of Civil EngineeringJaypee University of Information TechnologyWaknaghat, SolanIndia
  2. 2.Department of Civil EngineeringIIT RoorkeeRoorkeeIndia

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