Promoting Economic Growth by Improving People’s Livelihood

  • Xinli ZhengEmail author


The year 2009 was a time when China made remarkable achievements while withstanding severe tests. Impacted by the international financial crisis, China effectively made up for the negative impact of plummeting exports by implementing an economic stimulus package plan for expanding domestic demand. As a result, the economy recovered and maintained a sound momentum of steady and rapid growth. The proud achievement fully demonstrated China’s capacity to resist risks, as well as the good decision-making by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and their superb skills in regulation. In the upcoming year of 2010, China needs to act in accordance with the requirements and deployment of the Central Economic Work Conference, continue adherence to the guidelines on expanding domestic demand, make macro regulation more targeted and flexible, focus on the transformation of economic development patterns, boost economic growth through improving livelihoods, set up endogenous growth mechanisms, and sustain sound and rapid growth.

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