Case II (Part A): JIMI’s Growth Path: Artificial Intelligence Has Redefined the Customer Service of JD.Com

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In December 2012, introduced a new member to its online customer service team: JIMI ( Instant Messaging Intelligence). As an artificial intelligence product focused on customer service, JIMI had increased the customer satisfaction rate to over 80% in some areas by March 2016. As the company was on a fast track, JIMI was designed not only for improving customer satisfaction, but also for using innovative technologies to ease human resource bottlenecks.



This case was co-authored by Professor Zhu Xiaoming, Case Writer Zhu Qiong and Research Assistant Huang Chengyan of the China-Europe International Business School. It was written with the support of CIO system. The case study is intended to stimulate classroom discussion, and not to analyse how effectively the company is managed.


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