Case VIII: First Respond®: A Universal Mutual-Aid Emergency Platform in the Digital Economy

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In mid May 2017, while there were still a few days away from the 12th Xuan Zang Road Gobi Challenge for Business Schools[First held in 2006, Xuan Zang Road Gobi Challenge for Business Schools was originally a major cultural exploration activity designed and organized by Xingzhi Exploring Culture Communication Co. Ltd. and CCTV for China-India Exchange Year. It has now become an annual event participated by nearly 10,000 EMBA students from 44 established business schools home and abroad. The spirit of the event is “ideal, action and persistence”.], the advance team of First Respond®—an emergency rescue organization designated by the event—already set off. The team was led by Lu Le, the founder of the company. The route of the event, winding through Guazhou County and Dunhuang Municipality of Gansu Province, is part of the ancient Silk Road as well as Xuan Zang’s pilgrimage to the West for Buddhist scriptures.



This case was co-authored by Professor Zhu Xiaoming, case writer Qian Wenying and research assistant Zhu Yifan of China Europe International Business School. In the course of writing, support was received from Shanghai SOS919 InfoTech Co., Ltd. (First Respond®)


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