Uniportal Right Upper Lobectomy

  • Heron Andrade
  • Arthur Vieira
  • Paula Ugalde Figueroa


Over the past two decades, video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) has evolved from a diagnostic procedure to a treatment for complex lung cancer cases. VATS is now accepted as a feasible, safe, and effective surgical technique for the treatment of lung cancer [1]. In fact, in current practice guidelines, thoracoscopic surgery is the suggested approach for the treatment of early-stage lung cancer [2, 3]. Decreased blood loss, reduced pain, shorter length of hospital stay, and fewer overall complications are just a few of the many potential benefits of this minimally invasive approach [4]. High-volume centers have not only evolved VATS techniques by performing more complex surgeries using VATS, but have also developed a new approach decreasing the number of incisions to one—the uniportal technique [5–7].


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