The Evolution of Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery

  • Alan D. L. Sihoe


Surgery is not a static entity, but a constantly evolving discipline. It adapts itself in response to changing patient needs, emergence of new technologies, and developments in medical knowledge.



The author wishes to thank Dr. Stephen Wang and the AME Publishing Company for technical support and permission to reproduce Figs. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 from the Journal of Thoracic Disease.

Supplementary material

Video 1

Needlescopic VATS right upper lobectomy. Notice that the axis of the operation and camera view is essential the same as for a conventional three-port VATS approach. The view achieved with a 3 mm video-thoracoscope coupled with modern high-definition camera systems provides very good images. (WMV 97849 kb)

Video 2

Two-port VATS right upper lobectomy. Notice that the axis of the operation and camera view is essential the same as for a conventional three-port VATS approach. Compared with the Needlescopic approach in Video 1, the two-port approach is almost identical and the loss of the posterior port (admitting a 3 mm grasper only) is barely noticed. (WMV 146256 kb)

Video 3

Uniportal VATS right middle lobectomy. (WMV 31613 kb)


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