Cardiovascular Physiology



This chapter discusses the key topics involved with the cardiovascular system as it pertains to the GSSE.

It initially focuses on the mechanical and electrical events within the heart, developing an understanding of how these interact to allow blood flow within the chambers. This foundation is built upon as the chapter proceeds, looking at the determinants of cardiac output and how these can be manipulated under different physiological conditions.

The chapter then broadens its focus to the interaction of the heart within the wider cardiovascular system. In particular, blood pressure; it’s components, control and changes during exercise. It discusses how blood flow to different areas of the body can be altered depending on physiological need.

Lastly, the chapter concludes by looking at different blood vessels in the body, highlighting the key differences between arteries, veins and lymph channels.

A thorough understanding is tested by the relevant short answer questions at the beginning of each section.


Cardiac cycle Cardiac output Flow 

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