The Research of 3D Power Grid Based on Big Data

  • Bing HeEmail author
  • Jin-xing Hu
  • Ge Yang
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Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 924)


The visual graphics can reflect the hiding relationships between different data by color, location, and the topological structure. This paper proposes a 3D power grid framework by integrating big data and 3D visualization technologies to achieve flexible, multidimensional, dynamic, and panoramic display of power data. The proposed framework consists of data acquisition, data analysis and mining and 3D visualization module. We detailed the 3D method from modeling, management and visualization techniques, and analyzed the modeling elements from geospatial data, electric graphic data, electric attribute data and data mining result dataset. Finally, we give two scenarios of 3D power system. Most of tools used in this paper are open source software. This can ensure the system stability, flexible and easy to use for the management of large distributed data resources and avoid duplication system development.


Geospatial database Time series data CityGML Power GIS 



The work described in this paper is supported by the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program) (2015AA050201), and the Chinese National Natural Science Foundation (41701167) and (6433012). We gratefully acknowledge the valuable cooperation and help of Guangzhou Power Supply Co. Ltd.


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