Research on Operational Reliability of Digital Control Device of Nuclear Pressurizer Based on Dynamic Fault Tree

  • Hong Qian
  • Yaqi GuEmail author
  • Gaofu Yu
  • Shanjin Wu
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 925)


The digital pressure control device of Pressurizer, which is equipped with the input Module of selecting median from four inputs, was used as the research object, then a fault tree including static part and dynamic part of the device is established. Next, the Method of Markov was used to analyze the dynamic part. The overall fault tree was analyzed according to the overall logic. And then the Bayesian method is used to obtain the current reliability index of the equipment based on the DCS operating data as input value of the fault tree. Finally own capability and the effect on entire device of input module of selecting median from four inputs is evaluated from the value of reliability and importance, the result shows that the input module is relatively highly optimized.


The logic of selecting median from four inputs Dynamic fault tree Bayesian analysis The evaluation of reliability Digital control device of nuclear pressurizer 



This work was partially supported by Shanghai Science and Technology Committee (Grant No. 18020500900), National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 61503237), Shanghai Natural Science Foundation (Grant No. 15ZR1418300) and Shanghai Key Laboratory of Power Station Automation Technology (Grant No. 13DZ2273800).


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  1. 1.Shanghai University of Electric PowerShanghaiChina

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