Green Supply Chain Management Information Integration Framework and Operation Mode Analysis

  • Zhou ZhouEmail author
  • Kaihu Hou
  • Hui Zhang
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Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 925)


So far, the connotation and system of Green supply chain Management (GSCM) have already had quite a lot of content, and its theoretical research has also achieved fruitful results. However, at present, the connotation and system of Green supply chain Management still lack the support of information foundation, so it is difficult to monitor, analyze and evaluate the implementation of Green supply chain Management. Based on the connotation and system of green supply chain management, this thesis discusses how to build the information base of Green supply chain Management, and puts forward a new information integration framework and operation mode of green supply chain. It lays a foundation for realizing the connotation and system of Green supply chain Management and the integration of enterprise management information system, and provides a way to solve the problem that the Green supply chain Management system is difficult to monitor, analyze and evaluate.


Green supply chain Management (GSCM) Integration framework Operation pattern 


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