Localization of Gas Turbine Maintenance by Malaysian Gas Turbine Owners and Operators

  • Mohd Amin Abd MajidEmail author
  • Ismady Ismail
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Gas turbines are important equipment for power industry. Local gas turbines are all imported and of various capacities. Among important issues that need to be addressed is to localize the maintenance expertise. Initiatives are being undertaken by the local turbine owners and operators to reduce the imports of the components through localization of refurbishments and parts replacements. This study is to investigate the current practices of localization of gas turbine maintenance works by the Malaysian industry. The study covers gas turbine maintenance practices of the local gas turbine owners and operators and the initiatives undertaken to localize gas turbine maintenance expertise. Potential areas which could enhance the localization of gas turbine maintenance expertise are also highlighted.



The authors wish to acknowledge the assistance of Mr. Haider Abu Bakar of Malaysian Refining Company, Mr. Shahairul Fahizan and Mr. Khairuddin Ibrahim of Makhostia Sdn Bhd for providing maintenance information.


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  1. 1.Universiti Teknologi PETRONASPerakMalaysia
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