Minimizing Route Coupling Effect in Multipath Video Streaming Over Vehicular Network

  • Ahmed AliyuEmail author
  • Abdul Hanan Abdullah
  • Ajay Sikandar
  • Usman M. Joda
  • Fatai I. Sadiq
  • Abubakar Ado
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 899)


Multipath video streaming is one of the most commonly used strategies for high data rate transmission. It is employed to achieve lower delay, load balancing, and path diversity. However, multipath strategy experiences the problem of route coupling due to concurrent transmission via multiple paths. This problem leads to data collision and wireless contention. Therefore, in this paper, estimation of the angle between multiple paths to minimize route coupling effect and the use of Packet Error Rate (PER) as a link quality parameter for multipath video streaming has been considered in order to achieve qualitative video delivery, by minimizing interference due to route coupling effect. Firstly, mathematical formulations of the path selection and PER parameters based on the angle of forwarding are presented. Further, the numerical formulations are implemented using Matlab. The numerical results are presented showing the probability of the presence of a vehicle in an angle area. The PER is analyzed considering both shadowing and non-shadowing settings. The results based on the PER demonstrate its impact on the angle of path selection, which in turn improve the quality of the video streaming.


Video streaming Multipath Vehicular network Route coupling Forward error correction VANETs 



The research is supported by Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) and conducted in collaboration with Research Management Center (RMC) at University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) under VOT NUMBER: RJ130000.7828.4F708.


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  • Abdul Hanan Abdullah
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  • Ajay Sikandar
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  • Usman M. Joda
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  • Fatai I. Sadiq
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  • Abubakar Ado
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  1. 1.Faculty of ComputingUniversiti Teknologi MalaysiaJohor BahruMalaysia
  2. 2.Bauchi State UniversityGadauNigeria
  3. 3.Department of Information TechnologyGL Bajaj Institute of Technology and ManagementGreater NoidaIndia
  4. 4.Northwest Univerity KanoKanoNigeria

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